Getting into 2019 Boston Marathon

I told myself that I would have PRed in 2019 Boston Marathon just after the “weather affected” 2018 Boston Marathon.
I wrote it to not forget but I can’t forget it.
I worried about not being committed enough to do everything is needed to achieve that goal.
Or, better, to create the conditions to make it possible, even if you could never take it for granted; because in marathoning we can control only some factors but not all of them.
Entering my training cycle I’m in better shape compared to 2018 but not better than 2017.
I know that now it’s up to me:

  • staying healthy
  • avoiding injuries
  • being stick to the training plan
  • not overdoing
  • believing it possible
  • being consistent
  • focusing on what I can control
  • finding a way to limit the negative effects of what I can’t control

I want that PR.
I promised it and I take a promise for serious!

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