Getting into Boston 2018

13th of April 2018

I’m in London, boarded on the plane that will carry me to my 4th Boston Marathon.

Weather forecasts are sending alerts about cold, rain and headwind on Marathon Monday…

This is not good but it gets really bad if the Boston Marathon is my only race planned in the year and I want to qualify again to next year.

So, despite the elements, I’m putting pressure on me!

How much will the weather impact on my performance?

Marathoners prefer cooler temps vs warmer ones.

Not me, anyway!

My mood is definitely better if I’m running in the sun, when temps let me enjoy the split shorts and singlet light combination.

I can stand cold; it may force me to change my preferred “dress code” but I can overcome it.

Cold paired with rain and headwind?

Please not!

A nightmare…

So what?

5 minutes.

No particular calculation based on big data research; just a rough estimate of the worsening of my final result due to climate challenges.

That’s all?

Oh no!

Every marathoner knows pretty well his own body and is able to evaluate correctly how his training cycle has gone.

Me too and I perfectly know that I’m far from the stellar shape of one year ago.

Low weekly mileage, feeling tired all the time and no spring in the legs.

I’ve had some good key workouts but they look like coming from nowhere; no consistency no confidence…

5 more minutes.

That sums up to 10 minutes more than last year, that was (and is) my PR.

It also leaves me with a 5 minutes cushion to hope for BQing (based on recent stats).

Only 5 minutes…

No room to hit the wall, crash and burn, GI issues or pacing mistakes

That would end my routine: run the Boston Marathon and qualify for the next year’s one.

Until I fail to qualify and I don’t want it to be this year.

One race per year and it’s Boston.

Or, as “someone” wrote some time ago, I don’t run marathons often but when I do, it’s Boston!

Meanwhile, the flight is going well.

I’ve had troubles in the past; my stomach went downunder and I was not able to eat properly the day after that means on Sunday, the day before the Marathon Monday.

This year I made a mistake while booking the flight and I’m travelling on Friday; ok, it’s an intercontinental flight on Friday the 13th (!) but that leaves me one more day to recover from the trip.

Tomorrow I will try to log a short shakeout hoping for good sensations, even if I have to squeeze in the checkout from the room I booked for the unexpected night coming from the mistake in booking the flight, the visit to the expo getting the bib number not having received my runner’s passport (thanks italian postal service) and the checkin in my definitive room.

Will Boston do the magic again?

Will I be able to overcome my expectations?

I really hope so.

If it will, I strongly want 2019 to become a new PR.

Hey Boston, if you want to beat me, do it this year because in 2019 there will be no match!

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